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Soft Shell Clams harvested out of the Chesapeake Bay. Available in the shell or shucked

Soft Shell Clams

  Soft Shell Clams, commonly known as Mannose, Ipswitch Clams or Belly Clams, are targeted by in the mid-Chesapeake Bay by watermen using hydraulic escalator dredges. Clams buried in the bottom are pushed onto the escalator by pressurized water. Market size clams are quickly picked off the escalator and iced down on the boats. Once the clams are purchased directly from the watermen, we either shuck them or box the live clams. 

  Soft Shell Clams are highly prized for their delicate and flavorful meat. They are traditionally steamed in the shell, used chowders or fried. 

In-shell and shucked clams available year round


-Live in-shell: 1/2 Bushel, Bushel  

-Shucked Clams: 1/2 Gallon, Gallon